IPLS Award 2023

IPLS Award 2023

Following the great success of the 2023 edition, the organizers announce: the 2nd international private label selection (IPLS) “Private Label Ideas and Innovations for International Markets 2024"Awards for new products, ideas and projects designed for the Private Label sector and new international markets submitted by Exhibitors at the 2023 Marca by BolognaFiere.


Manufacturers and suppliers are essential players in Private Label supply chains in the different countries, playing a particularly important role together with their retailer partners in product and market innovation and development.

For manufacturers, putting forward and effectively implementing new ideas is key to being selected, retained and appreciated by their retailer clients. Consumer trends and private label market segmentation, along with the recent economic situation are extraordinary opportunities for growth and value creation for producer companies. In fact, partnering retailers is an excellent way for private label producers to enter new markets without a heavy trade marketing investment burden. Producers can build market recognition in foreign markets at retailer stores and in the catering sector since business operators are always on the look-out for partners willing and able to support them in new challenges.

Growth abroad requires expertise, market and business knowledge, including the assistance of sector experts living in the country who have a deep understanding of their retail market requirements. All producer companies can achieve this. Thanks to Marca’s partner IPLC, all award-winning companies wanting to undertake or extend their international development strategy in this sector will be able to receive expert advice.

Ten products/projects will be selected from the entries submitted and accepted. The winning products/projects will receive:


  1. Specific advice from Senior Private Label Experts in the various countries on the development potential in new markets of their products and especially, an entry strategy into one of the most promising European markets.
  2. A B2B communication plan made up of:
  • An incremental programme for all candidates starting from registration and enrolment up to and including the days of the trade show – and – for the winning companies – to March 2023;
  • Communication build-up in the weeks before Marca by BolognaFiere on 18 and 19 January 2023;
  • Communication of all selected products during the trade show days, and the display of the winners and mentions at the “Private Label International IPLC Arena”. On the afternoon of 18 January at the conclusion of the conference, the winners and mentions will be announced by the jury before an audience of international managers and buyers;
  • Follow-up communication starting 20 January 2023.



The products submitted by producer and supplier Exhibitors must belong to the market
segments established by Marca by BolognaFiere:

  1. Packaged Foods
  2. Fresh Foods
  3. Beverages
  4. Home Care products
  5. Personal Care Products
  6. Frozen foods and Ice Cream
  7. Animal Feed and Care Products
  8. Other non-food products: stationery and office items, gardening, DIY, home funishings (textiles, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom), and personal items (clothing)
  9. Physical intermediate products (excluding software) or supplier companies to the private label supply chain (ingredients, fragrances, packaging, accessories, etc.)


The section will be made by a jury of international private label experts who will follow three main assessment criteria:

  • the product’s pertinence, suitability and marketing potential for international distribution and extension.
  • the originality, innovative / novelty features of the product and process (recipes, formats, processing, flavours, uses, etc.).
  • advantages and specific sustainability features (ingredients, supply chain, transparency, materials, health promotion, etc.)


In addition to the 10 winners, the jury reserves the right to mention up to a maximum of 10 other products, which although not selected, have a specific aspect or attribute of particular interest that merits mention, even if pertaining to only one of the three criteria mentioned above.


The information needed to participate will be available from September 2023.


Media partner of the 2023 initiative:



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