Marca by BolognaFiere 2022

Marca by BolognaFiere 2022

Marca by BolognaFiere is the only Italian trade fair specifically for commercial brands and a major showcase for excellent Italian private label products. The fair is organised by BolognaFiere in collaboration with ADM, the Grocery Retail Association.


Now in its 18th edition, Marca by BolognaFiere is Italy’s only trade show entirely dedicated to the private label business, with nearly 900 companies exhibiting products of excellence produced in Italy for sale under private label.

Marca by BolognaFiere has grown to become the industry’s go-to event, a unique chance to explore business opportunities with major retailers coming to Marca each year to showcase their private label policies.



Marca by BolognaFiere has six main sections: FOOD, NON-FOOD, MARCA TECH (PACKAGING) and MARCA FRESH.



Marca by BolognaFiere – the pluses:

  • Marca by BolognaFiere is the first tradeshow of the event calendar
  • Marca by BolognaFiere showcases top quality private label Italian products
  • Marca by BolognaFiere is the only tradeshow attended by large-scale distributors
  • Marca by BolognaFiere offers unique opportunities for fruitful confidential B2B meetings with buyers and category managers of the major international chains



The main product categories exhibiting at Marca by BolognaFiere:


  • 121 exhibitors of bread, pasta, pizza and bakery products
  • 60 exhibitors of dairy products
  • 85 exhibitors of meat, poultry, salami meat
  • 20 exhibitors of tomato sauce, and pasta-dressing sauces
  • 45 exhibitors of fruits and vegetables
  • 58 exhibitors of oil, vinegar and other condiments
  • 111 exhibitors from the confectionary and pastry sector
  • 40 exhibitors of frozen foods
  • 39 exhibitors of coffee and beverages
  • 35 exhibitors of seafood
  • 10 exhibitors of pet products
  • 110 from non food sectors, household and personal care products
  • 69 exhibitors from the packaging, services and logistics sectors


Find out all the products by sections.



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